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VHF Precision Switch Attenuator

RLC Electronics' VHF Switch Attenuator Model AS-120 is a "rocker switch" RF attenuator designed to operate over the frequency range from DC to 1.5 GHz. Attenuation from 1 to 101dB in 1 dB steps is provided by switching individually controlled attenuators connected in series. The total attenuation is the sum of those steps switched to the "in" position. These attenuators have excellent performance characteristics suitable for use in high reliability 50 ohm systems, and are highly repeatable. Attenuation can be easily seen by a quick glance at the rocker positions showing which attenuation values are in the circuit.



Model Number 

Frequency Range (GHz) 


Attenuation Accuracy (Whichever is greater)

VSWR (Max) 

Insertion Loss (Max) 

Range (dB)

Steps (dB)





±0.3 dB or 1% 


0.7 dB 


±0.5 dB or 1%


1.3 dB

Power Rating: 2 watts average @ 25C.  200 W peak @ 25C.

Impedance: 50 Ohms

Life: 1.5 X 106 steps

Connectors: Type N, BNC, TNC, or SMA Female

 BNC not recommended above 1GHz

Weight: 10oz.

To designate the attenuator desired use:

1: 120 for Model Number

2: N,B (BNC), T(TNC), R(SMA) for connectors

Example: AS-120-T is a 0-101 dB attenuator with 1 dB steps and TNC connectors

Outline Drawing

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